Welcome to the AgrAbility Project Home Page

Welcome to the AgrAbility Project Home Page

If you are not familiar with the AgrAbility Project, we suggest you take a moment and review the Introduction to the AgrAbility Project or visit our Frequently Asked Questions web pages.

For information on the National AgrAbility Project, please visit the Purdue site.

What’s New

Sure Grip offers specific hand control solutions for golf carts and utility vehicles (01/09)

From the November, 2008, issue of Successful Farming, The Ultimate Utility Tractor Test.  (Link takes you to the Successful Farming web site.  11/08)

Arthritis Updates (Oct ’08)

Have you seen the latest Arthritis-At-A-Glance ? Compelling information on the nation’s #1 cause of disability at: http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/publications/AAG/pdf/arthritis.pdf

Almost half of Americans facing knee arthritis – Nearly half of U.S.adults will develop painful arthritis of the knee, a leading cause of disability, and hospitalizations for the condition are soaring.

Read More: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26544498/from/ET/

AgrAbility Quarterly Summer 2008 – The Roots of AgrAbility

On June 18, 2008 the Farm Bill was reauthorized by Congress, securing another eight years of funding for AgrAbility. To mark this occasion we are looking back on the past seventeen years of the USDA’s funding of AgrAbility, and our combined efforts to assist people with disabilities involved in production agriculture and their families.

The Guide to Financing Business and/or Assistive Technology (PDF) offers funding resources available through public disability-related funding sources, private disability-related programs or charitable organizations, USDA, and the Small Business Administration. The Guide also provides numerous examples of how AgrAbility clients used the funding awarded (1/08)